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Video Games



11th Hour 11th Hour theme with screenshot background Unknown 328k
Abuse Abuse theme with "cartoon" background Unknown 203k
Afterlife 5 Afterlife themes Jeff Fisher 2,337k
Alphabet Blocks Alphabet Blocks theme with "blocks" background Unknown 210k
Army Men Army Men theme with "logo" background Polehammer 648k
Banjo and Kazooie Banjo and Kazooie 64 theme D&J's N64 Cheats Page 647k


Blood theme with "logo" background Unknown 684k
Carmageddon Carmageddon theme with "logo" background Ron Williams 913k
Civilization 2 Civilization 2 theme with "logo" background Unknown 431k
Commandos Commandos theme Andy 208k
Death Star Assault Death Star Assault theme with screenshot background Jim Varner 1,300k
Defender Defender theme with "space" background Unknown 593k


Descent theme with screenshot background Unknown 1,690k
Diablo Diablo theme with "logo" background Original Look 997k
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong theme with "characters" background Original Look 1,312k
Doom Doom theme with "wall" background Rodrigo Luis 109k
Duke 3D Duke Nukem 3D theme with "characters" background Original Look 372k
Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII theme by SquareSoft SquareSoft 3,062k
Gex Gex theme with "Character" background Unknown 727k
Heretic/Hexen Heretic/Hexen theme with "skull" background Unknown 521k
Heroes of Might & Magic II Heroes of Might & Magic II theme with screenshot background Unknown 2,137k
Hexen Hexen theme with screenshot background Joe Villalobos 638k
Hexen II Hexen II theme with "room" background HolyAvenger 830k
Interstate 76 Interstate 76 theme with screen shot background Unknown 628k
Jedi Knight Jedi Knight theme Original Look 1,113k
Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart 64 theme with "characters" background Unknown 742k
Marvel vs. Capcom Marvel vs. Capcom theme Thiago AM 1,621k
Mechwarrior II Mechwarrior II theme with "logo" background Unknown 429k
Monopoly Monopoly theme with "car" background Shum 2,637k
Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat theme with "dragon" background Joe Villalobos 347k
Pocket Monster Pocket Monster theme with "characters" background Takao Yasuda 1,102k
Pole Position Pole Position theme with screenshot background Russell Dyke 846k


Quake theme with screen shot background Unknown 1,182k
Quake II Quake II theme with "enemies" background Original Look 243k
Red Alert Red Alert theme with "photos" background Unknown 561k

Redneck Rampage

Redneck Rampage theme with "characters" background Unknown 552k
Resident Evil Resident Evil theme Unknown 592k
Shattered Steel Shattered Steel theme Author 869k
Skeletal Warriors Skeletal Warriors Theme Elusiv Graphics and Design 115k
Sonic Sonic theme with "Sega logo" background Unknown 140k
Starcraft 3 Starcraft themes Mike Sproull 2,099k
Starcraft II Starcraft II theme with moon background VelvetJonez 1,721k
Star Wars 64 Star Wars 64 theme Original Look 1,463k
Street Fighter Street Fighter theme with "logo" background Unknown 582k
Street Fighter II Street Fighter II theme Nathan Marchesi 1,028k
Subzero Subzero Mortal Kombat character theme Joe Villalobos 979k
Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 theme with "mario" background Unknown 177k
Tombraider Tombraider theme with "shooting" background Paul Ware 856k
Tombraider II Tombraider II theme with "snowmobile" background Author 555k
Tombraider's Lara Croft Lara Croft theme Richmond Y. King 1,507k
Total Annihilation Total Annihilation theme Tomislav Ivanèiæ 472k
Unreal 3 Unreal themes Jarod 794k

Wing Commander

4 themes, and one active desktop theme Stephane Guibord 4,940k
Wolfenstein 3-D Wolfenstein 3-D theme with screenshot background Dave Hilling II 151k
Zelda 64 Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time theme andy0 2,151k
Zerg Zerg theme with "starcraft" background Joshua Bentley 379k




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