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Ballet Rembrandt "ballet dancers" background Unknown 300k
Black Hole Black Hole Painting theme Vassilis 1,181k
Botticelli Botticelli Art Theme ART THEMES 567k
Fun Cows Theme about a funny Cow drawing Thabu Pineaar 229k
Anne Geddes Anne Geddes theme with "babies" background Unknown 1,967k
GHAWAZEE Middle Eastern art based theme SyberGypsy 1,924k
Godspeed theme based on "Godspeed" painting SyberGypsy 507k
Going Home Native American depiction of finally going home anaja 1,299k
Herders painting of "shepherds" Theme A Better View 1,765k
Indian Waterfall painting of "Indian by a Waterfall" theme A Better View 591k
Kinkade Tribute to Thomas Kinkade Original Look 3,500k
Kiss Theme based on still photograph Opal Essence 1,975k
Monet Theme based on the artist Claude Monet David E. Adams 369k
Monna Vanna Theme based on Rossetti's artwork SyberGypsy 1,560k
Mushroom Anne Geddes baby theme with mushroom background custom Effects 556k
Music Lesson, The "The Music Lesson" theme Vanessa Zoe 1,519k
Oh! Baby theme based on Anne Geddes picture Opal Essence 1,977k
Peas in a Pod Anne Geddes theme with "peas" babies background Unknown 480k
Piano Piano Theme with painting background Kristy Bowles 1,668k
Picasso 2 Picasso Themes Missy 1,220k
Renaissance Renaissance themes with paintings backgrounds Vanessa Zoe 2,249k
Rivals Theme based on Lawrence Alma-Tadema's painting "Unconscious Rivals" SyberGypsy 465k
Soul of the Rose Theme based on painting by Waterhouse SyberGypsy 754k
Young Love Young love Theme Original Look 1,611k



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