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African Wild African Wild theme with "photo" background Thabu Pienaar 924k
Beach Beach theme Tracey Browning 463k


Bugs theme with "leaves" background Vanessa Zoe 1,701k
Chili Peppers Chili Peppers Theme Original Look 1,147k

Clear Water

Water theme with "stream" background Custom Effects 803k
Clouds Cloud theme Unknown 437k
Comet Comet theme Unknown 246k
Divers Heaven Divers Heaven theme Tracey Browning 935k
Fall Fall theme Beth McGinty 915k
Floral Floral theme Kathleen Gumbus 224k
Flowers Flowers theme Vanessa Zoe 2,504k
Freeze Freeze theme with "winter river" background Unknown 1,627k
Garden Gate Garden Gate theme Original Look 1,637k
Green Coral Green Coral theme Unknown 545k
Landscapes computer generated Landscapes Elusiv Graphics and Design 337k
Landscapes 2 computer generated Landscapes Elusiv Graphics and Design 527k
Moon Moon theme Kristy Bowles 1,865k
Moon and Stars Moon and Stars theme Kristy Bowles 1,496k
Mountain Lake Mountain Lake theme with "photo" background Kara 179k


Nature theme with "outdoors" background Unknown 569k
Pansies Pansies theme Original Look 1,445k
Rainbow Rainbow theme with "forest" background Unknown 1,313k
Reflecting Grass Reflecting Grass theme Sandy Watkins 1,207k
Riders Storm theme Opal Essence 2,144k
River Walk River Walk theme Original Look 858k
Rock Rock theme Opal Essence 1,544k


Science theme with "moon" background Unknown 354k
Solar System 9 Solar System themes Vanessa Zoe & Victor Moberger 2,811k
Space '98 Space Windows 98 theme David Adams 1,562k
Storm Storm theme Kristy Bowles 1,543k
Strawberries Strawberries theme Kathleen Gumbus 1,345k
Tulip Tulips Theme Original Look 1,170k


Under water theme with "scuba diver" background Microsoft 563k
Wave Wave theme with "photo" background Unknown 1,155k
Wild Flower Wild Flower theme Ursula Fischer 339k
Wings theme about flying things in the sky Kathy Gumbus 261k
Winter Oh No!! Winter!! theme Kara 399k



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