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Free sounds, icons,cursors, startup/shutdown screens, wallpaper,screen saver  and more...! 
Basically, themes provide a way of changing the way your computer looks and sounds. Depending on the author, a theme any one of a number of the following are changed to reflect a "New Image" for your computer. The sounds you hear when you minimize or maximize a window, the default beep, the startup and shutdown screens and sounds, the background picture, various desktop icons may also be changed.

Do you haven't  Microsoft Plus! No problem!

If you don't see Desktop Themes on your Control Panel, you probably haven't installed Microsoft Plus.
In this case, you can download shareware utilities like 'Desktop Themes' from
or search for 'Desktop Theme' utilities at
When you use this pack make sure you have large icons
turned on in your plus tab.


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Docla Desktop Themes

Please Note that the desktop theme content and ownership remain that of the creator of that desktop theme. We are not in any way responsible for checking out the content or functionally of the desktop themes listed, but are merely listing the desktop themes for your convenience.

Save the unzipped theme-folder in the folder that you previously directed Microsoft Plus to look in for
Desktop Themes.

Click on the Start menu. Select Settings, then Control Panel

After that,double-click
on Desktop Themes.Now, click the Browse button in the Desktop Themes window and locate your
theme. Select it and click

"OK." You're done!

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